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About DM Chimney

Production Enterprise DM Chimney specializes in the manufacturing of chimney systems for all types of heating plants, despite the type of fuel. DM Chimney has everything you need for a professional activity and reasonable prices: a high level of grade of technical equipment, raw materials of high-quality, skilled employees and most important - the desire to work and cooperate.

The main specialization of the company – manufacturing of modular steel chimneys, the structure of which could be easily changed.

Chimney system of single wall Vulcano

is made of qualitative stainless steel. Such chimney in most cases is used in rooms - all of its construction is going through the ceiling, from the boiler to the decorative box on the roof.

Chimney system of double walls Vulcano Plus

is improved and universal. It is made on a "sandwich" type. Internal working pipe is equipped with the external shell, and the space between the walls is filled with heat resistant insulant. It retains heat of chimney and prevents condensation. This chimney system is resistant to all weather conditions, therefore it is ideal for use both indoors and outside.

The chimney of ferrous metal

- Single circuit modular system with a number of advantages: the resistance of the discharger of fume, which is based on the thickness of the metal - up to 2 mm, resistant to high temperatures up to 600°С.

Selection of the chimney system in DM Chimney is always accompanied by professional advices, accurate estimates, and qualitative installation of chimneys.

Today DM Chimney successfully operates in the European market and has the status of one of the best producers of high-quality chimney systems. The company is always open for mutually beneficial cooperation with customers, who are interested in reasonable price for chimneys of high quality...